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• This print is a limited edition of 10 prints only and will never be sold again. 
• Signed & numbered by Ryan Pernofski. 
• Print Size: 17” x 24"
• Printed on 100% cotton paper with a subtle satin finish
• Shipping available worldwide.

Print 1/10 owned by Heidi T.
Print 2/10 owned by David J.
Print 3/10 owned by Maggie V.
Print 4/10 owned by Mary D.
Print 5/10 owned by Katie M.
Print 6/10 owned by Virginia E.
Print 7/10 owned by Alexandra T.
Print 8/10 owned by Pascal VW.
Print 9/10 owned by Melissa S.
Print 10/10 owned by Cory D.

(If you would like your name to appear as "anonymous" on the verified owners list above, please email after purchase).