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Available for 24hrs only. Once the time is up, this work will be gone forever.

As we all know, It's a pretty chaotic time. I feel a little speechless, though I do feel inspired to make some art. Some people see peace as perfection of circumstances but I see peace to be a little more rugged than that. I think true peace can weather any storm. Sometimes it takes a little (or a lot) of shaking for us to run to something that is secure. My hope is that this artwork would be a reminder to take a second look where you stand and what you stand on. And in the middle of it all you will find real peace; a stability that is below the surface and will see you through to the other side.

Size: 16.53 x 23.39 Inches (A2).
Media: A Fine Art, lightly textured 310gsm Cotton, Acid Free Paper. “PEACE” is hand lettered individually with a pastel-teal, Oil Paintstik. The image beneath is printed with pigment inks resistant to fading.

Each work comes with an Authenticity Certificate and unique Serial Code on the back of your print to protect the security and genuineness of your limited edition piece.

• Each piece may be slightly unique as they will all be created individually by hand for each person who orders. I will need to wait 36hrs to allow the paint to dry, then I will ship. You will receive an email confirmation with tracking as soon as your order has been despatched.

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