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How to buy one and get one free:

• The BOGO discount is automatically applied when you add two or more products to your cart.

• All you have to do is add two or more prints to your cart and you will only pay for every second print!

• If the two prints you add to your cart are different in value - the 100% discount will be applied to the product with the lesser value.

• The guarantee only applies to PRINTS, frames are not included in the sale guarantee.

• The guaranteed Christmas Delivery applies to orders in USA, Canada, UK, Germany & France.

• If your prints are not delivered to you before Christmas — you will receive your money back AND you'll still get your prints.

• The guarantee refund will be refused by Ryan Pernofski Store if the customer has provided an incorrect address - or has refused to receive the delivery in any way. This includes if you were not home or the driver was unable to gain access to deliver the parcel in full.

• You can add as many products to your cart as you like! For example, if you add 10 products to your cart you will only pay for 5! So the more you add to your cart the more value you will receive! This is a HUGE chance for you to fill your home with ocean art or get gifts ready for friends and ocean lovers in your life.

• The buy one, get one free sale does not apply to the 1 of 1 prints in the 1 of 1 collection. It does apply to all other products and limited edition prints.

• For any questions please email