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Ambassador Program Thank You

Thank you for applying to be a Ryan Pernofski Store ambassador!

Please check your email soon to CONFIRM your email!


• Who's it for?
Being an Ambassador for the Ryan Pernofski Store is for those who LOVE Ryan Pernofski's photography & related products. It is for the real ones who want to help spread the Ryan Pernofski Store Products & message.

• And, why?
The Ryan Pernofski Store Ambassador Program was created simply to give a chance, again to those who really like Ryan Pernofski Store products and want to extend the reach & longevity of the store. And in turn for helping me, you receive generous benefits.

• What do you get?
As noted previously, Ryan Pernofski Store Ambassador's get the following (subject to Terms & Conditions).

  • 20% off products for life*
  • Sneak peaks of NEW products
  • Exclusive “first dibs” access
  • Vote for product releases
  • Earn $ with a unique personal referral code*



By confirming your email you agree to the terms & conditions.


Note: the terms will be updated as we work out what is needed.

*“For life” means: 1. As long as exists 2. As long as the business structure doesn’t change. As long as Ryan Pernofski owns the entirety of the company. 3. As long as you are an ambassador. 4. For the life of the program. 5. Unless the ambassador program is cancelled for any reason.

The 20% off discount may not apply to already discounted items. 

Ambassador's may not use the benefits in any way against Ryan Pernofski & The Ryan Pernofski Store. If it is brought to our attention that you are not using them in an appropriate way we retain the right to remove you from Program.

As an ambassador - you commit to representing the Ryan Pernofski in a respectful way. You may not defame the store and it's customers in any way.

For any reason we see fit, you may be removed from the Ambassador Program if you seem to be harassing people in any way.

TERMS & CONDITIONS may be changed without notice. And Ryan Pernofski reserves the rights to cancel the program.

For any questions, please reach out on