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My first creative dream was to work at Pixar animation studios. I remember as far back as the age of about 4 or 5 putting pencil to paper to try and create something. I found it fascinating that all these stories I was watching on the VHS player with my siblings were created simply by people who did exactly that: create them. I became obsessed with creating things. Especially with drawing. I drew everything. My teddies. People. And even wrote comics of my own. "Cowman" was a personal favourite. A super-cow who brought justice and comedy to the field. I just loved using my imagination and then using my hands to make something tangible that others could see and (hopefully) enjoy, too.

It might seem strange that I start the story of the Ryan Pernofski Store with a memory of Cowman & cartooning. Though, I truly think this simple desire to make and to create has lead me to the current "craft" I have been working on for a number of years. 

I discovered photography when I was in high school. I grew up in a really small town with not much else to do except surf & play Nintendo (sounds pretty good, hey). And I was gifted with a little digital camera for one of my birthdays. Using this new gadget I had received I realised I could combine my current obsession of surfing with a more directly creative practice of photographing & filming the ocean. I was instantly hooked and was doing it most days until my friend, (though he denies it) left my camera at the beach. I didn't pick up photography again until around 2010, along with my first iPhone & the release of Instagram. I quickly became obsessed with photography and pretty much have been working on this craft ever since.

I've heard it said that art is meant to comfort the disturbed & disturb the comfortable. I love it how all art forms can do this. I've heard many people say that my work has inspired them to do something. To get out and work on something they love. And at other times I've been told it has helped them feel at ease in hard times of their life. I love how art speaks to people, and often without words. 

Part of the reason I love photography is that I feel it is a collaboration with one of the ultimate artworks: nature. From the mountains to the sunrise. I love it how our world is an incredibly artistic place. And as a photographer I love to capture it in a unique way that can share this art with others.

I believe art is meant to be shared. And that is why I created this store. To share my work with you, and more than just on a screen or on a social media channel. I wanted to make unique, tangible products that you could gift to others or yourself. To bring the inspiration, peace & beauty of the ocean into your work, home and living spaces. 

I hope you find something perfect to gift to someone special or that perfect addition to your space!

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