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Tapestry: unfading love by Ryan Pernofski

Tapestry: unfading love by Ryan Pernofski

Ryan Pernofski Tapestry

New wall tapestries by Ryan Pernofski
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* Each tapestry comes ready to hang with wall pins installed behind two hidden pockets for an elegant finish.
* Printed with non-toxic, pigment inks which are fade-resistant so that the design lasts a lifetime to represent a love that won't fade.
* Made to gift to the one you love or as a reminder to yourself of a love that will last forever.
* Printed on 245gsm Belgian cotton/linen blend textile designed for natural & luxe wall hangings.
* One large size to fit most spaces: 53 inches (134cm).
* These tapestries will be sold on a pre-order basis only. Please allow 2-3 weeks for bespoke production with our suppliers.
* Available to order for 48hrs only.

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"Unfading Love" Print
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